Want to open your own shop but have no idea where to start?

No worries, we can help guide you along the way!


We offer consultation services for the following:


Common materials
Drink preparation
Machinery operation

Retail Store Start Up

Storefront design
Menu design
Bar operation
Daily operations

Retail Management Consultation

Store management

Boba Academy

Welcome to Bubble Tea Training!

Here at Bubble Tea Training, we work to create the training experience you want.
We offer extensive training on how to make bubble tea / boba tea, teas, coffee and snow ice, and go over the business fundamentals to help you succeed.

With courses of different lengths and content, there’s something for everyone!

General Training

A crash course in bubble tea!

This course teaches the basics of bubble tea, perfect for beginners!

Beverage-making course

Learn how to make your favourite drinks!

Choose from a wide range of topics, covering the most popular drinks!

Coffee-brewing course

Want to be a great barista? This one's for you!

It's not just about tea - don't forget the coffee! Learn how to make the perfect cuppa!

Shop start-up course

Learn how to open your own shop!

Join our short course for a quick overview, or join our full course to learn everything you need to get things up and running!


General training

6 hours

● Introduction to bubble tea
● DIY tea-making 
● Basic costing training 

Beverage making

3 hours

Contents per topic:
● Introduction to raw materials 
● Machinery-operation 
● Drink-preparation

● Introduction to tea
● How to prepare tapioca pearls
● How to prepare grass jelly
● Taiwanese milk tea
● Fruit teas
● Flavoured teas
● Drinks popular in Taiwan
● Drinks popular overseas
● Slushies

Coffee Brewing

6 hours

● Introduction to coffee culture and coffee bean producers 
● Machinery operation
● Latte art
● Espresso machines/Moka pots 
● Vacuum brewing and cold brewing 

Shop Start-Up

Part 1: 3 days (6 hours/day) 
Part 2: 11 days (6 hours/day) 

Part 1 
● Introduction to the bubble tea market 
● Managing a new bubble tea shop 
● Tea-making
● Menu-building
Part 2 
● Kitchen operations 
● Bar operations 
● Cashier operations
● Shop opening and closing
● Management training
● Assessment
● Field trip 

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