General Enquiries

For any information on our products and services, please contact us through the “Contact us” page, or E-mail us at

We offer the following services:

* Product Inquiry: 
Beverage Planning、Menu Setting、Instruction Manual、Beverage Preparation.
* Retail store start-up Inquiry: 
Brand Design、Image Design、Advertisement Design、Circulation Flow Arrangement、 Equipment Arrangement.
* Retail Management Consultation: 
Operation Strategy、Cost Control.

Customization of products

We work closely with the most knowledgeable and trustworthy manufacturers in the industry, with high quality standards for our products and services.

Our customers can safely rely on our expertise when creating their very own products. We can customize most aspects of the products, from product branding and packaging to flavours and specification.

Have any ideas for new products? Want to have an extra edge over your competitors? Contact us!

Product samples

Our product samples are free of charge, except for delivery fees. If you are interested, contact us with a list of products you want to try and your delivery address, and we will help arrange things for you.

Recipes can be provided on request as well.


Order process flowchart

  1. Enquiry

    If you have any questions or want to order samples/products, contact us through our contact page, email or our social media websites

  2. Samples

    Our samples are free, although you will need to pay for delivery. Let us know what you want to order and your delivery address, and we will calculate the delivery fee for you.

  3. Checking flavours and ingredients

    We can customize your products if needed. Customized samples will take 1~2 weeks to prepare and be ready for shipment. Once you have approved the changes, we will provide the ingredient list for you to confirm again with the local Importing Regulations.

  4. Checking importing regulations

    Customers must check with local authorities to confirm all products being shipped follow all relevant importing regulations.

  5. Quotation

    Depending on the customer’s needs, we can provide a quote of either FOB Taiwan or CIF.

  6. Orders

    Orders can be placed via E-mails. Once the quantities and final price are confirmed, a PI (proforma Invoice) will be provided.

  7. Payments

    After customers receive a proforma invoice, payments must be made in full amount within three business days. We will confirm remittance within 5 business days. To help speed up the ordering process, we kindly ask our customers to provide us with a copy of payment receipt via E-mail as soon as payment is made.

  8. Lead time

    Depending on ordered items and quantities, it may take 2-3 weeks to prepare the goods for shipment. Customers will also receive a confirmation of delivery date.

  9. Shipping notice

    When products are shipped, Customers will be notified by E-mail with all relevant shipping documents.

  10. After-sales service

    We would like to keep close contact with our customers for any feedback of our products and ordering experience.

A Solid Foundation For Your Tea Business

Whether you’re a veteran food business owner or you’re just getting started,you can’t go wrong with bubble tea training with Boba Academy.

In addition to serving high-quality bubble tea ingredients,we believe the success of a restaurant business is rooted in consistency and precision in your food preparation.

Welcome to Bubble Tea Training!

Welcome to Bubble Tea Training! Here at Bubble Tea Training, we work to create the training experience you want.
We offer extensive training on how to make bubble tea / boba tea, teas, coffee and snow ice, and go over the business fundamentals to help you succeed.
We have assisted numerous shops, cafes, food trucks, restaurants get started and create successful, profitable businesses.

We would love to help you too! Contact us to get started today!