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Learn more about bubble tea, its history, ingredients and culture!

Know your Brown Sugar

Know your Brown Sugar

Brown sugar goes hand in hand with bubble tea – tapioca pearls are soaked in it, milk tea is flavoured with it, and not to mention the hyped-up “Tiger Dot” milk tea reigning supreme on Instagram.
However, what exactly is it? What makes it different from regular sugar? How is it made? Why do people think it’s healthier?

Read on and find out!

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Tapioca pearl desserts

Tapioca pearl desserts

We all know how tapioca pearls are widely used in bubble tea, but that’s not all there is to those treats! Why not try some tapioca pearl desserts?

Indeed, many cafes and restaurants have taken these chewy balls to the next level by adding them to desserts as fillings, toppings and more. Some of those desserts have become sensations in Asia, attracting droves of customers eager to “have their cameras eat first”.

Don’t know where to start? Time to take you on a dive into the world of tapioca pearl desserts!

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