How to make Passion Fruit Soda Espresso

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Looking for a refreshing drink with a unique twist? Why not give this recipe a go? One sip of this delicious combination of passion fruit, soda and espresso is as refreshing as the summer breeze!.

The spicy notes of espresso is boosted by the sweet, tart taste of passion fruit. Meanwhile, the bubbly mouthfeel from the soda gives the drink its memorable final touch! This thirst-quenching drink will make you experience a new taste out of this world.

What’s even better? This recipe is super quick and easy to assemble for no fuss!

Add this perfect summer afternoon pick-me-up to your beverage arsenal!
It suits pretty much every scenario: a weekend brunch, by the pool, parties, or just because you deserve a treat.

Give it a try!

passion fruit espresso (Image by jcomp on Freepik)

How to make Passion Fruit Soda Expresso

This fresh, fizzy tropical fusion is perfect for summer days!

What you’ll need:

– 300ml sparkling water
– 2oz espresso
– 100ml passion fruit syrup
– Ice cubes (optional)

How to make:

Step 1

Fill the glass with 500ml sparkling water

Step 2

Pour in passion fruit syrup

Step 3

Drop in some ice cubes, then pour in 2oz of espresso. Stir before serving

Tip: For that extra bit of fizz, cool the drink well.

This fresh, fizzy tropical fusion is perfect for summer days. The flavor is a zesty mix of sweet and tart, with a touch of bitterness and aroma of the coffee.

Add some lime juice and tequila if you want some boozy fun!

Ready to try it out yourself?

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