How to make Coffeehouse Style Caramel Fudge Macchiato

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caramel macchiato

Nothing beats a cup of caramel fudge macchiato in your favourite coffee shop! The sweet, silky smooth caramel and foamy milk balance out the expresso’s bitterness, creating a delicious combination.

Moreover, the coffee and the pearly-white milk gives the drink a playful layered appearance. In fact, that’s where the name comes from – Macchiato means “to mark” in Italian, and true enough the milk is marked by the expresso!

Snap a photo to show to your friends, then take a relaxing sip of your cuppa – truly the perfect afternoon break!

Can’t bear to wait in queue in your local Starbucks? Why not make it at home?
With our caramel fudge syrup, we make it easy!

Read on to learn how to brew it:

Hot cup of coffee

Coffeehouse Style Caramel Fudge Macchiato

Skip the queue in Starbucks and craft this coffee classic at home!

What you’ll need

– 1.2 oz Yen Chuan caramel fudge syrup 
– 2 oz Espresso
– 3/4 cup milk of choice
– Vanilla syrup

How to make

Step 1

Prepare 1 shot of expresso. Steam the milk, then froth using a frother or whisk

Step 2

Pour the vanilla syrup into the cup, then add the milk foam. Add ice cubes

Step 3

Pour the expresso into the milk foam slowly from the middle. If you’re doing it right, it should form a layer on top instead of mixing with the milk

Step 4

Spoon on some more milk foam. Drizzle syrup on top in a “weaving” pattern

Pretty simple, right?

Want to give it a little jazz? Get creative with your syrup, and make beautiful latte art when drizzling!

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