Make your drinks pop with popcorn taro!

When you think of bubble tea flavours, which flavours come to your mind first?
Chances are taro would be on the short list!

Indeed, taro is one of the most classic and popular flavours in bubble tea.
The sweet taro mixed with creamy milk is an iconic taste!

What if you want to do something more with it? Something a bit more special ?

Introducing our popcorn taro!

popcorn taro 2

This is exactly what it sounds like: We take the classic taro flavour, and did the unthinkable – jazz it up with some popcorn!

The buttery, caramel-y taste of popcorn takes the sweet taro into even higher levels!

One sip of this drink would whisk you to a cinema, buttery snack on hand waiting for the film to start!

Now available in powder or syrup form – Whip up some delicious taro milk with our powders, or drizzle some taro syrup into your drink to create beautiful patterns!

Want to give this unique flavour a try?

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