Trick or treat yourself to Halloween bubble tea!

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As the end of October draws near, the ghosts and spirits come out to play…that’s right, it’s Halloween time! After a long night of Trick-or-Treating, what better way to enjoy your haul of candy than a nice cup of bubble tea?

So how would you celebrate Halloween with bubble tea? Some people go for the obvious options: Pumpkin spiced everything, spooky-themed cups and decorations, staff dressed up for Halloween, discounts for costume-wearers…but what about the toppings? What can you do to inject some Halloween spirit to them?

Introducing our ramen-shaped boba!

Much like the name suggests, these special boba are bouncy, wriggly, ramen/soba-shaped boba. They have the same taste and texture as any other tapioca pearl, but in an unexpected shape!

As it’s the same type of product as our instant tapioca pearls, preparation is just as simple. Put in a container with some water, pop in a microwave and viola – you get perfectly-cooked, wobbly boba noodles!

Add some of this to your spooky bubble tea, and watch them swim and wriggle in the drink! Want to make your drinks even scarier? Why not dress up the walls with our camo powders as well?

halloween mixed boba

But wait, there’s more!

If only boba noodles seem a bit too boring to you, why not try out our mixed topping packs? With boba noodles, colourful boba, red beans and more, it’s like a treasure trove of Halloween treats!

Say goodbye to gummi worms, this is the new spooky topping in town!

Want to enjoy some spooktacular Halloween bubble tea?

Try out our ramen soba!

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