Cute bubble tea charms!

bubble tea charm advert

Aside from bubble tea, snacks and desserts, what can you add to your line-up to make yourself stand out from other bubble tea shops? Why not add some merchandise to advertise your brand?

Many coffee shops and bubble tea shops provide branded merch to promote themselves, a famous example being Starbuck’s wide range of mugs and travel tumblers. Naturally those containers are widely used as branded merch as people can use them on the spot.

But what if you want some small, cute merch to go alongside those classic choices? Something that is uniquely “bubble tea”?

bubble tea charm

Enter our bubble tea charms!

Those miniature keyrings perfectly capture the classic “bubble tea” appearance, complete with tiny bubbles and boba pearls.

What’s more, as the charms are filled with liquid, the boba pearls can move around just like real bubble tea! Give the charm a shake and watch them move!

We can also provide custom-printing services. Print your logo onto those keychains, and your customers can bring a tiny version of your drinks anywhere they go.

Want to find other bubble tea themed merchandise? We’re here to help!

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