Refreshing summer with fruit juice syrups!

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fruit juice syrups

Nothing staves off the summer heat better than a refreshing cup of iced fruit tea! We have a wide collection of fruit juice syrups to choose from, but we certainly have our favourite flavours. Check out our highlights!


Raspberry juice syrup

The perfect balance of sweet and sourness, raspberry juice is a great addition to fruit teas, smoothies, slushies and so much more.

Not only are they delicious, raspberries are good for your health too – these tiny berries are jam-packed with nutrients, especially vitamin C, manganese and dietary fibres.

So what’s so special about our raspberry juice syrup? Notice these little lumps in the syrup? These are in fact real raspberry pulp!

We don’t just mix up some chemicals and call it a day, each spoonful of syrup comes with plenty of dessert-grade, high-quality raspberry pulp.

Say goodbye to fake fruit syrups – enjoy the real deal!

tropical fruits

Tropical fruit juice syrup

Can’t decide which fruits to add to your drink? Why not all at once?

Our tropical fruit juice syrup is a summer party in your mouth, featuring a mix of tropical staples – pineapple, passion fruit, orange, lemon and more.
Want some extra oomph to your drink? This syrup comes with real fruit pulp as well!

Mix this syrup with some water, and you’ll have a jug of refreshing tropical fruit punch in no time at all!

Still craving more fruity goodness? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our fruit juice syrups, now with real fruit pulp added!

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