Pretty up your cups with Camo powder!

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Getting bored of Tiger Dot?

A twist of this classic pattern, the Camo powder is another popular way to decorate your bubble tea!

What is Camo Powder?

Check out any popular bubble tea shop in China and you’ll soon come across “Dirty cups” – the latest fad in bubble tea. Don’t let the name fool you, these are bubble tea decorated with delicious Camo powder!

Camo powder made it big during the “Dirty buns” fad in Taiwan, where you see people lining up in droves for a taste of these sweet buns dusted generously with chocolate powder.
Now this powder works its magic with bubble tea – blessing drinks with colourful “Camouflage” patterns and a wide range of delicious flavours.

How does this all work? It’s simple – follow our instructions and you will have a masterpiece in no time!

Egg pudding milk tea with Chocolate Camo and Cream top


Chocolate camo powder
Egg pudding flavoured powder
Vanilla cream top powder
Your favourite toppings!


Part A. Preparing camo pattern

camo powder instructions 1
  1. Add 20g camo powder to cup
  2. Mix with 40ml water
  3. Spread paste inside cup to create the “camouflage” pattern

Part B. Preparing egg pudding milk

camo powder instructions 2
  1. Add 300ml water to cup
  2. Mix with 100g egg pudding milk powder
  3. Pour mixture into cup from part A, add ice cubes

Part C. Preparing cream top

camo powder instructions 3
  1. Add cover top powder to water in a blender
  2. Blend until thick and creamy
  3. Pour onto cup

Now add your favourite toppings – marshmallows, fruit, tapioca pearls…anything you like!

And voila, a picture-perfect cup of bubble tea!

Simple, isn’t it? Mix and match with our wide variety of flavours to find the right cup for you!

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